A collection from my past open sourced codes.

Simple linkdirectory

It is a simple link directory to public links online, it has login system, registration, activation, password recovery, etc... a basic, simple but working MVC system idea.

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Pagination class

Simple bootstrap 4 pagination class with average number pagination and breadcrumbs, nothing fancy just does the job

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Database handler class

A PHP database handler class based on PDO, the input can be an array or a JSON file, it supports multiple queries, as well. (it works with mariadb and mysql)

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Some of my codes what I can share, hopefully this list keep growing in the future.

You can find my latest codes below

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My little blog where I try to note down what I learned lately, or mostly some code related stuff. No, I don't want to teach, they are not really tutorials just small thoughts, ideas how I sort out some issues what comes to my way. Probabaly, these articles can help someone or give some ideas to someone, I know how hard to find the infos at the moment when you need them.

You can find my latest posts below

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If I've got time I really like to play with some video games, I wish I could do it more. I don't say I'm a hc gamer and I'm not even an expert who wants to explain every game in the videos. I play mostly story based games, rpgs, mostly without any comment just to enjoy the story. I know from myself I like better to watch some random gameplay instead of to watch tv.

You can find my latest gameplay videos below

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